Information Technology

Site Technology Leads:

The following is a list of who should be contacted with any technology questions for each site.

Janine Hamilton- 6th teacher.jpg

Janine Hamilton

Antelope Elementary

Brianna Brown

Bridgeport Elementary

Sharon Soule

Coleville High

Katie Patterson

Edna Beaman Elementary

Yvette Garcia 7th 8th grade.jpg

Yvette Garcia

Lee Vining Elementary


Andrew Sindel

Lee Vining High

Coding Station


Administrators, teachers, site tech leads, and faculty are always welcome to contact [email protected].

Students should contact their teacher or site technology lead and they will contact ESUSD's Internal Tech Department. 

There are two ways to contact ESUSD IT Support:

For regular IT requests please email [email protected].

This will create a ticket in ESUSD's ticketing system.

The Ticket will then be scheduled and updated.

For emergencies or you just want to talk to the Tech Department, please call 760-932-7443 ext. 5555  

- Calling will get the fastest response by ESUSD's Internal IT Department. -

Jon Blackburn - Director of IT