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Financial Aid

Updated 10/8/20

FAFSA and CADAA applications opened on Oct. 1st. Deadline to apply is March 2nd but earlier is better! Seniors should complete only 1 of the 2 applications and both are completely FREE! Both applications determine whether a student can receive financial aid to pursue higher education. 


  • FAFSA stands for Federal Application for Federal Student Aid-You submit a FAFSA if you are a U.S. Citizen, National or Permanent Resident.

  • CADAA stands for California Dream Act Application-For students who are not U.S. Citizens, National or Permanent residents or do not fulfill ALL of the FAFSA requirements. The DREAM application is unique to California promoting access to all students regardless of immigration statues and/or documentation.

You've submitted your application. Now what?

☆ Check to see if you have to make any corrections.

☆ Read "Six things to do after filing the FAFSA"

☆ Keep checking your EMAILS you'll be getting follow-up email from:

a) FAFSA/CSAC-You should receive a confirmation email once you submit, if you do not, you may have not successfully submitted. 
b) Your College's Financial Aid Office

☆ Create a Student Webgrants Account to find out about your Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship-

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Everfi provides a free course titled Pathways: Financing Higher Education, which is dedicated to providing high school learners with the skills they need to make the best decisions for themselves when financing their higher education. This course, consisting of 5 15-20 min modules, will help learners understand how to evaluate the return on investment of their higher education options, make good choices when evaluating their path, and make a plan to successfully pay their education costs. The course further delves into responsible budgeting for higher education loans, repayment, and avoiding the common pitfalls of borrowing. 

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